Listen Live to KELY!

Listen Live to KELY!

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Good news and bad news *Updated 4/5*

Making a few changes next week. Predominantly among them is the addition of the Dave Ramsey program who will fill the time slot of Dennis Miller who is stepping away from syndicated radio.

The second is the departure of Victor Ives' Golden Age of Radio Theater. I thought that with the sale of the USA Radio Network that things would be getting better there, but after Monday night's debacle where a version of X Minus One's "The Old Die Rich" the last five minutes of the episode. The network goes to commercials, the show then goes to the middle, and just before the bottom of the hour break, the show starts at the beginning. Unexplainably, the show abruptly ENDS at 6:45, then part of the networks DAYBREAK USA plays until upcut at the end of the feed.

I know that Victor was at one point in the last several years considering reviving the series, which has been out of production for several years. I started into Google only to find that Victor died December 11, 2014. Brain Cancer. He was 79.

Early Sunday mornings will be filled with When Radio Was. Monday night will be Fast Talk and Wednesday night the Pit Reporters from the Performance Racing Network, and Friday nights the Wine Crush also from PRN. Tuesday and Thursday nights will feature Dave Ramsey repeats which will also run Sunday nights at 9pm.

*EDITED TO ADD* -- In a related development, our feed of The Lutheran Hour disappeared with no notice on 4/5.

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