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Friday, November 17, 2023

Help make Thanksgiving bright!

 Our radio listeners are some of the most generous people in the state. You’ve helped us through some tough times. Now we return to you on behalf of White Pine County families in need. Over 500 people are being fed by the Ministerial association this Thanksgiving and the association needs Turkeys. Frankly, the cost of turkeys is astronomical this year and the association is a hundred short. If you can reach into your pocket and help the ministerial association with turkeys or the cost of one, call Pastor Bob Winder at 775-296-2665. Call Pastor Bob Winder now and help make Thanksgiving blessed for hundreds of people in White Pine County. And thanks!


Thursday, November 16, 2023

Current Program Schedule effective November 4, 2023

Program Schedule REVISED 11/4/2023

(Subject to preemption for Vegas Golden Knights Hockey)


2-5:30am - Doug Stephan Good Day
5:35am - Rosary
6-7am -  Agriculture Today

7am - News/Farm News/Todd Starnes Commentary

7:15am - Bill O'Reilly Morning Edition/Judge Jeanine/Larry Kudlow

 7:30am -  News/Sports/Business news

7:35am - For the youngsters, Jerry of the Circus

7:55am - Commentary

8-8:45am - Your Morning with Wyatt Cox

8:45am - Bill O'Reilly Update

9am-Noon - Todd Starnes

Noon-3pm - The Rob Carson Show

3-6pm - WAR Now with Wayne Allyn Root - Call 833-WAR-TALK (833-927-8255)

6-9pm -  The Ramsey Show

9-10pm-No Spin News with Bill O'Reilly

10pm-2am-The Other Side of Midnight with Frank Morano

Friday 10pm-1am - Erskine Overnight

Saturday, November 4, 2023

UPDATE-We're almost there!

 So many of you have supported us over our journey these past few weeks.  I appreciate your support so very much.  

HERE'S THE SCOOP:  We've made our upgrades thanks to YOU and the kindness of our software supplier that's allowing us to pay half now and the second half in 90 days.  So we're out of the woods...for the moment.  

As I have said before, three families in White Pine County control most of the business in the county. They hate my guts.  To be honest, they are non-conservative RINOs that hate the truth being exposed.  That makes us dependent on the few remaining businesses and I hope you will support those advertisers that you hear on our station.  

And if you can help us over this final hump, your support would be greatly appreciated.

Businesses: Call me at 775-293-7220 and I'll make you such a deal...

Listeners: You know the Buy Me A Coffee link I have on my webpage? I'm putting it here. Every dollar spent on this link will go toward the purchase of the needed software.  

Go to - Anything will be appreciated.  

If you'd prefer to send a check or money order, you can do that as well.  Our mailing address is: 

KELY/Nevada Talk Network

HC 33 Box 33155

Ely, NV 89301

PROGRAMMING:  While our programming by and large will remain unchanged, there are a few changes.  The Car Pro Radio Show is now with us Saturdays 9am-Noon talking about your car questions.  There may be other changes over the weekend and I'll update our program schedule as I have more information.  

And as always, thank you for your support.  Without you, we wouldn't be here.  

Tuesday, October 24, 2023

Some temporary pain for a longer term solution.

EDIT 10/28 - A friend who is also an engineer for one of the big stations in Las Vegas came to town over the weekend and helped me troubleshoot our switcher so we can get the new automation in gear.  On Monday I'll be making a down payment to make this happen thanks to a donation we received over the weekend.  

Ladies and gentlemen, YOU- our listeners are our greatest asset. Please support our advertisers. I have discovered over the years that when you speak the truth, some people don't like it. As a result, five of the biggest businesses in Ely want nothing to do with us.  Your ongoing support is greatly appreciated!

EDIT 10/26 -  THANK YOU for your assistance!  We are 20% of the way to handling our problem and are working to a permanent solution.  I have confirmed that two shows will be leaving our station and I wish them well. We will continue to serve you as we always have.  I have also added our mailing address to those of you who are uncomfortable sending a gift over the Internet.

 KELY/Nevada Talk Network

HC 33, Box 33155

Ely, NV 89301

Original post

 HI, Wyatt here with a very informal, laying-it-on-the-line note for all of our friends.

First, a massive THANK YOU to all of you for understanding what trying times these last two years have been. Most of you know since the death of our CEO two years ago in September that we have been operating on a day-to-day basis, unable to make any long-term plans.  As such, capital expenditures have been impossible. Lots of deferred maintenance has been even more deferred. 

This last January we lost our primary program computer.  That took several weeks to cobble up a temporary solution while we finished handling some significant old indebtedness.  This week one of our primary program providers was given very short notice by their satellite host to sign a new long-term contract at a very high rate by the end of this month or lose their ability to transmit over their satellite channels. As such, at the end of the month, we may not be able to bring you some of your favorite programs on a temporary basis.  

That's the bad news.

The GOOD News is that I do have backup plans that are taking shape at this time.  New equipment is on the way (coming out of my own pocket, not the station's pocket) and we have a very good quote on replacement software that, while not cheap, is far less expensive than I might have hoped.  

Here's our problem. I appreciate EACH and EVERY advertiser that we have on the air with us.  I truly do.  But there are not enough advertisers to help us get over this hump.  

That's why I come to you, hat in hand, to ask your help.

Businesses: Call me at 775-293-7220 and I'll make you such a deal...

Listeners: You know the Buy Me A Coffee link I have on my webpage? I'm putting it here. Every dollar spent on this link will go toward the purchase of the needed software.  

Go to - Anything will be appreciated.  


Our mailing address is: 

KELY/Nevada Talk Network

HC 33 Box 33155

Ely, NV 89301

And whatever you can do, thanks.  Your prayers and thoughts are appreciated. 


Tuesday, September 19, 2023

Open Letter to State GOP Chair Michael McDonald

 This is the complete text of an open letter sent to state GOP Chair Michael McDonald on September 19.So far we have received no response either positive or negative. 

KELY Radio is the flagship radio station of the Nevada Talk Network, the conservative voice of Rural Nevada.  We have done our part to wave the flag for the conservative cause for years. 

Unfortunately, the party and its candidates don't support us. 

From Todd Starnes to Rob Carson to Wayne Allyn Root, our hosts have trumpeted the conservative cause.  But you don't support us, only sending press releases to ask us to give you more free time.  You take advantage of conservative talk radio just as the Democrats have taken advantage of communities of color for decades, something that you decry. 

To be blunt, if you want our support, support US.  Not just to appear on our shows to ask for our audience to support you or your candidates, but financially.  

All of radio has struggled since COVID, but small operations such as ours have maintained service to our communities in spite of decreased revenue and the death of our CEO Fred Weinberg two years ago.  I have personally maintained our operations despite no regular paychecks, living on what little cash is available, and my Social Security check, all out of a personal obligation to continue to serve our communities and the conservative cause. 

Our local White Pine Republican Committee is supporting our station.  Why can't the state party find it in their hearts and pocketbook to throw the rural Nevada conservative media a bone?  Is that too much to ask?

I look forward to hearing from you.

Wyatt Cox
Nevada Talk Network - THE Rural News Source
KELY 1230am/98.5fm, Ely; KPVM-TV 25.7, Pahrump,
KAVB 98.7 FM, Hawthorne, KPKK 101.1 FM, Amargosa Valley, NV,

KDJJ 94.1 FM, Fernley-Fallon


EDITED to add a second email 10/9/23:

Following up on your decision to insist that PACs not be involved in the caucus process.  Do you realize the damage that does to us?  Hundreds of dollars to keep our stations afloat come every year from PACs.   If you wanted to damage the conservative cause, you could do nothing better.

Thursday, April 20, 2023

Tell lawmakers DON'T DELETE OUR RADIO!


 You've no doubt heard our messages regarding automakers removing AM (and in some cases FM) radio from cars in favor of internet radio.  But in times of emergency, AM and FM radio are the prime carriers of emergency, particularly when the internet fails. 

Tell your representatives to keep LOCAL AM and FM Radio in new cars by clicking this link!

 Your safety may depend on us.