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Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Current Program Schedule

Program Schedule REVISED 2/12/2024

(Subject to preemption for Vegas Golden Knights Hockey)

National News at the Top and Bottom of most hours, with bulletins at once!


2-5:30am - Doug Stephan Good Day
5:35am - Rosary
6-7am -  Agriculture Today

7am - News/Farm News/Todd Starnes Commentary

7:15am - Bill O'Reilly Morning Edition/Judge Jeanine/Larry Kudlow

 7:30am -  News/Sports/Business news

7:35am - For the youngsters, Jerry at Fair Oaks

7:55am - Commentary

8-8:45am - Your Morning with Wyatt Cox

8:45am - Bill O'Reilly Update

9am-Noon - Todd Starnes

Noon-3pm - The Rob Carson Show

3-5pm - WAR Now with Wayne Allyn Root 

5-6pm - The Rudy Giuliani Show

6-9pm -  The Ramsey Show

9-10pm-No Spin News with Bill O'Reilly

10pm-2am-The Other Side of Midnight with Frank Morano

Friday 10pm-1am - Erskine Overnight

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Thursday, April 11, 2024

Watch out for skimmers

 Credit card skimmers are out there in the wild.  Watch these videos on how to protect your card from being compromised!

Monday, March 18, 2024

Full 2024 filing information for White Pine County and Nevada

Here's a complete rundown on who filed to run for office in White Pine County and for statewide races of interest as we broadcast this morning. 

A Couple of surprises as filing for the 2024 city and county races closed on Friday.
There will be a primary in two of the commission seats as Republicans Rebecca Murdock and Tim Pauley filed for Commission Seat 2.  The winner will face former Ely Mayor George Chaghas and Doug Saunders in the November General Election. 

In Seat 3 Republicans Pat Ranson Robison and Scott Romos will battle it out in the primary.  The winner will advance unopposed in the general election. (This is a correction from this morning's news)

And in Seat 4 a surprise as former commissioner Ian Bullis filed to take on two other Republicans Paula Carson and Samantha Stroud. Voters turned out Bullis from his commission seat in the 2022 primary.  The winner of the primary will face Jason Merlino who filed as a Nonpartisan candidate. 

In the Ely Justice of the Peace race Stephen Bishop and Bodie Golla advance to the general election in November.
In the White Pine County School Board there will be no election as Angie McVicars, Krystal Blades, Blaze Griffin, Shella Nicholes, and Candice Campeau had no opposition.  
The same for the Hospital District Board of Trustees and Dr Todd Wilkin and Kimberly Cunningham had no opposition.   
There were no filings for the Baker Sewer/Water Board, the McGill Ruth Sewer Water Board, Soil Conservation District, or the White Pine Television District. 

There will be no primary election for Ely City Council. Mayor Nathan Robertson will automatically have his second term in office as no one filed to oppose him.  In the two city council seats former Mayor Melody Van Camp will face Dean Reynolds in the General Election for Seat 2, while  Tony Enriquez and Dennis Perea will face off for Seat 4.  

In Congressional District 2 Republican incumbent Mark Amodei will see opposition from within the party from Dr. Fred Simon of Gardnerville.  Simon ran for Governor in 2022. Simon is a trauma surgeon and owns a Minden restaurant.  Amodei has held the District 2 seat since 2011.

In Congressional District 4 Three Republicans have filed to take on the incumbent Democrat Steven Horsford.  Most prominent among them is former North Las Vegas Mayor John Lee, who also ran for Governor in 2022.  Lee will face Bruce Frazey and David Alton Flippo, both from Las Vegas.  Horsford will face Desharn Shultz of Las Vegas in the primary. 

In State Senate District 19 there will be a primary as former Republican Assemblyman John Ellison from Elko faces off against a pair from Pahrump.  Nye County School Board Trustee Chelsy Fischer and William Eric Hockstedler who ran for Senate in 2022.  

In State Assembly District 33 no one filed against Spring Creek incumbent Bert Gurr, nor did anyone file against District 38 incumbent Gregory Scott Koenig of Fallon.

In the US Senate race incumbent Jacky Rosen faces opposition in her own party from Troy Walker and Mike Schaefer of Las Vegas.  The Republican field is crowded and led by former Army Captain Sam Brown, who has significant support from several political action committees and politicians. Twelve other candidates have filed for the Republican nomination including former assemblyman and perennial candidate Jim Marchant, Edward T. Hamilton, Bill Conrad, Vincent Geronimo Rego, Ronda Kennedy, Stephanie Phillips, Gary A. Marinch, Walter A. "Tony" Grady Jr., Barry Cameron Lindemann, Jeffrey Ross Gunter, Garn Mabey,  and Shawn White. 

Wednesday, February 28, 2024

The grift continues with the White Pine Pumped Storage Project

 Now the carpetbaggers in charge of the Pumped Storage project are holding a dinner in Ely at the Elk's Lodge Tuesday, March 19, and in McGill at the Elementary School on Monday, March 18. Both events start at 6pm.  

If you're as opposed to this project as we are, show up and let them know how you feel about this seven year blight that will take over 1.8 BILLION gallons of our water EVERY YEAR.

All the details - pro and con...and I do mean CON...are at the links below.

Thursday, January 25, 2024

Brown accuses County Clerk, DA of unprofessionalism

 Accusations of retaliation against a member of the Regional Planning Commission by other elected County officials are on today’s Ely City Council agenda.  In a five page defense Leah Brown claims she’s trying to be removed from the board for failing to take the oath of office for over a year, that despite her serving on the RPC for more than five years.  Brown is claiming unprofessionalism and misconduct by County Clerk Nichole Stephey and District Attorney James Beecher.

Monday, January 22, 2024

Boondoggle moves to the Ely City Council

 For some reason, the people at rPlusHydro must think the people of White Pine County are stupid.  Now the company is taking their bogus survey that ignores all the major points made by the Railroad and the Great Basin Water Network to the Ely City Council this Thursday.  

Here's a link to their survey -

Look over their presentation, then check out and see the real truth of how this bogus project from a group of out-of-state carpetbaggers wants to steal our water and change the face of our county forever.  Can we afford to lose 1 point 6 billion gallons of water a year?  Tell the City Council NO to this boondoggle Thursday, January 25 at 5pm. 

Zoom link here:  Meeting ID: 977 130 6332