Featured Program links
Mike Gallagher 6-9am

Dennis Miller 9am-noon

Herman Cain Noon-3pm

Hugh Hewitt 3-6pm

Ely's Morning News 5:45-6am

Welcome back to the Conversation Station

KELY 1230 AM went on the air in 1950, and for over 60 years has been Ely's Hometown Radio Station.

KELY's News and Talk programming includes some of the best talk hosts in America today who focus on the best in politics and pop culture.

KELY broadcasts local news and information daily in cooperation with the Ely Times and WhitePineNews.com.

For local news and information visit WhitePineNews.com.

Program Schedule:
5:45-6a - Ely's Morning News
6-9a - Mike Gallagher
9am-Noon - Dennis Miller
Noon-3pm - Herman Cain
3-6pm - Hugh Hewitt
6-9pm - Classic Radio
9-Midnight - Dennis Prager
Midnight-5am - Liberty News Radio

5am - The Magic Garden
6-10am - On The House
10-Noon - Auto Week
Noon-1pm - Townhall.com weekend review
1-3pm - Home Talk Live
3-6pm - Talking Pets
6-9pm - Hollywood 360
9-Midnight - Erskine Overnight

Midnight-5am - Classic Radio
5-7am - Whaddaya Got - Antique Talk
7-7:30am - The Lutheran Hour
7:30-8am - Music and the Spoken Word
8-11am - the Dirt Doctor
11am - 2pm - Gun Talk
2-5pm - Auto World
5-6pm - Classic Radio
6-9pm - Gun Talk (Repeat)
9-10pm - America's Greatest Heroes
10pm - Music and the Spoken Word
10:30pm - Townhall.com Weekend
11pm-5am - Classic Radio

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