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Thursday, July 11, 2024

Current Program Schedule

Program Schedule REVISED 6/15/2024

(Subject to preemption for Vegas Golden Knights Hockey)

National News at the Top and Bottom of most hours, with bulletins at once!


2-5am - This Morning—America’s First News with Gordon Deal

5-5:35 - Agriculture Today

5:35am - Rosary
6-7am -  Agriculture Today

7am - News in detail

7:15am - Todd Starnes CommentaryBill O'Reilly Morning Edition/Judge Jeanine/Larry Kudlow

 7:30am -  News/Sports/Business news

7:35am - For the youngsters, Fire Fighters!

7:55am - Commentary

8-8:45am - Your Morning with Wyatt Cox

8:45am - Bill O'Reilly Update

9am-Noon - Todd Starnes

Noon-3pm - The Rob Carson Show

3-6pm -  The Joe Pags Show

6-9pm -  The Ramsey Show

9-10pm-No Spin News with Bill O'Reilly

10pm-2am-The Other Side of Midnight with Frank Morano

The races are coming!


The races are ON for 2024! For more information call 775.289.8877.  

Wednesday, July 3, 2024

Watch out for skimmers

 Credit card skimmers are out there in the wild.  Watch these videos on how to protect your card from being compromised!

Monday, July 1, 2024

Thank you, Hawthorne

 I was notified just now that Nyx Communications, Inc., owners of KAVB-FM in Hawthorne, have move to a purely music format and have dropped our simulcast.  This is particularly sad as I know we had a good number of listeners there.  Thank you for listening.  Our stream will always be available to you to listen to.  This change was beyond our control.  Thank you, Hawthorne!

Saturday, June 15, 2024

Better listening tips


So.  I went out and drove our signal last night I had a clear and audible signal from Majors Place to Lages Junction.  The minor improvements in our audio processing have made a significant improvement in our signal.  

So, why are you not able to hear us better?  

1) Try turning your radio. Many radios have a ferrite antenna inside that runs the length of the radio. It is a very directional antenna.  Try rotating the radio to improve the signal.  No, I'm not going to move the 200 foot tower to help. 

2) Move the radio away from florescent or LED lighting, computers, or television sets.  The FCC knows these (mostly Chinese-made) devices interfere with AM (and in some cases FM) broadcast signals in violation of Part 15 of their rules and regulations and the FCC doesn't give a crap.  So listeners blame the stations instead of the FCC.  I'm used to it.  So, there you go.

3) Add a simple antenna.  Here are a couple of suggestions.

Wednesday, June 12, 2024

Ranson- Robison to Commission, Carson, Pawley advance to General

 Primary election season has mostly come to an end.  Less than a third of White Pine County voters took the initiative to make their voices heard in this primary election.  

In preliminary returns for County Commission races, Tim Pawley defeated Rebecca Murdock 509-424 in the Republican primary for Seat 2.  Pawley will face former Ely Mayor George Chachas and Doug Saunders in the November General Election.  

In the Seat 3 primary former Ely City Councilperson Pat Ranson Robison took a tight 20 vote victory 466-446 win over Scott Romos.  As there are no general election challengers, Robison will become the Seat 3 commissioner if the results hold up.   

In Seat 4 Paula Carson wins the Republican nomination with over 47 percent of the vote in a three-way race.  Carson received 442 votes to Samantha Stroud’s 261 and former commissioner Ian Bullis with 229.  Results are unofficial pending any straggler mail-in votes and the official vote canvas next week. 

Turning to statewide results, unsurprisingly Jacky Rosen won her Democrat primary with over 90 percent of the vote. She will face veteran Sam Brown in the General Election with nearly 60 percent of the vote.   

Meanwhile in House races District 2 congressman Mark Amodei fended off the challenges of Fred Simon in a 64-35 percent margin.  In House District 4 incumbent Steven Horsford will face off against former North Las Vegas mayor John Lee who fended off a large field including David Flippo in a narrow 48-45% margin.

In State Senate races former Assemblyman John Ellison of Elko will take the seat of Term limited Pete Goicoechea with almost 60% of the vote over Bill Hockstedler of Pahrump and Chelsy Fischer of Pahump. 

Turnout for this election has to be considered dismal, as statewide only 16% of registered voters cast ballots, less than 330-thousand voters.  In White Pine County just over 13-hundred voters cast ballots, just over 29 percent. 

Wednesday, June 5, 2024

How important is Agriculture to White Pine County? A lot, it turns out

So, why have we added significant Agriculture programming to KELY? There are a lot of reasons.  26 million reasons in fact.    

Agriculture contributes to the local economy, community livelihoods, and land use.  The Nevada Department of Agriculture tells us White Pine County's food & agriculture sector accounts for 269 jobs. White Pine County's food & agriculture sector total exports were $26 million in 2015. White Pine County is home to 160 farms & ranches, 41 percent of which are 49 acres or smaller and 26 percent of which are 500 or more acres.

That's why KELY has partnered with the All Ag Network and the Western Ag Network to bring not only frequent Agriculture market updates but morning farm programming from 5am to 7am each weekday.

Here are some key points illustrating Agriculture's significance to White Pine County:

  1. Economic Contribution: Agriculture in White Pine County is a critical part of the local economy. Farming and ranching provide employment opportunities and support local businesses, including feed stores, equipment suppliers, and processing facilities.

  2. Land Use: A significant portion of White Pine County's land is used for agricultural purposes. This includes both crop production and livestock grazing. The rural nature of the county means that large tracts of land are available for these activities.

  3. Livestock Production: The county is known for its livestock production, particularly cattle and sheep ranching. This form of agriculture is well-suited to the arid climate and the vast rangelands of the region.  Just to our north, Elko County, was named by Drovers magazine as the fourth in their listing of the top 34 beef cow counties in America.

  4. Crop Production: Although limited by the arid environment, crop production still plays a role. Irrigated farming allows for the cultivation of crops such as alfalfa, which is essential for feeding livestock.

  5. Cultural Heritage: Agriculture is part of the cultural and historical fabric of White Pine County. Many families have been involved in farming and ranching for generations, maintaining traditions and contributing to the community's identity.

  6. Environmental Stewardship: Farmers and ranchers in White Pine County often engage in practices that promote environmental sustainability. This includes managing land and water resources carefully to ensure long-term productivity and ecological health.

  7. Local Food Supply: Agricultural activities support local food supply chains, providing fresh produce and meat to residents. This is particularly important in rural areas where access to a variety of foods can be more limited.

In summary, agriculture in White Pine County is vital not only for its economic impact but also for maintaining the rural character, supporting local communities, and preserving environmental resources.  And this is why KELY devotes significant portions of our broadcast day to programming about our food supply.  

After all, if you eat, you're involved in Agriculture!