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Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Turn to us

 With all the talk on Shadowbanning, Censoring, and Fracturing with social media, where do you turn to get the truth about what's going on?

Yeah, that's us. 

With Six hours every weekday morning of news and information, and open lines and commentary all day long, turn to us for Reasonable Views and Accurate News*.  With Town Hall News at the top of every house and SRN News at the bottom of most hours, you have the latest in world and national news, plus Wyatt Cox with 50 years of broadcast experience in bringing you news of the state and local scene with the commitment of bringing you BULLETINS AT ONCE.  

To find out what's going on in the world, don't turn to the maelstrom that is social media.  Don't turn to the gossip mongers that spread the latest rumor (You remember, telephone, telegraph, tell a gossip) that may or may not be right.  

Turn to us.  We'll tell you the truth, around the clock. On the air and online. And it's free.  No data required. 

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*(tm KXEL Radio's Jeff Stein)