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Tuesday, September 19, 2023

Open Letter to State GOP Chair Michael McDonald

 This is the complete text of an open letter sent to state GOP Chair Michael McDonald on September 19.So far we have received no response either positive or negative. 

KELY Radio is the flagship radio station of the Nevada Talk Network, the conservative voice of Rural Nevada.  We have done our part to wave the flag for the conservative cause for years. 

Unfortunately, the party and its candidates don't support us. 

From Todd Starnes to Rob Carson to Wayne Allyn Root, our hosts have trumpeted the conservative cause.  But you don't support us, only sending press releases to ask us to give you more free time.  You take advantage of conservative talk radio just as the Democrats have taken advantage of communities of color for decades, something that you decry. 

To be blunt, if you want our support, support US.  Not just to appear on our shows to ask for our audience to support you or your candidates, but financially.  

All of radio has struggled since COVID, but small operations such as ours have maintained service to our communities in spite of decreased revenue and the death of our CEO Fred Weinberg two years ago.  I have personally maintained our operations despite no regular paychecks, living on what little cash is available, and my Social Security check, all out of a personal obligation to continue to serve our communities and the conservative cause. 

Our local White Pine Republican Committee is supporting our station.  Why can't the state party find it in their hearts and pocketbook to throw the rural Nevada conservative media a bone?  Is that too much to ask?

I look forward to hearing from you.

Wyatt Cox
Nevada Talk Network - THE Rural News Source
KELY 1230am/98.5fm, Ely; KPVM-TV 25.7, Pahrump,
KAVB 98.7 FM, Hawthorne, KPKK 101.1 FM, Amargosa Valley, NV,

KDJJ 94.1 FM, Fernley-Fallon


EDITED to add a second email 10/9/23:

Following up on your decision to insist that PACs not be involved in the caucus process.  Do you realize the damage that does to us?  Hundreds of dollars to keep our stations afloat come every year from PACs.   If you wanted to damage the conservative cause, you could do nothing better.