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Sunday, May 5, 2024

Putting the NEWS back in News-Talk Radio

 That was our late CEO's admonition to all of us.  Whatever our opinions, put the NEWS first.  That's something he wanted all of us to do.  Sometimes I frustrated him with my following of his admonition by ensuring that Breaking News ALWAYS took precedence over anything else.  When we abandoned our regular programming on August 10, 1996 for ten hours of live news and listener call-ins on KRLV in Las Vegas during a massive ten-state power outage that blacked out much of the Las Vegas Valley, to March 27, 2020, when we interrupted the Kevin Wall Show with the breaking news of the murder of Sgt. Ben Jenkins here in White Pine County, I always did my best to put NEWS FIRST. 

Beginning Monday, May 6 at 3am, we once again put News First as we welcome This Morning, America's First News with Gordon Deal to the daily lineup.  No need to turn on the Television to get updated on the world while you slept.  Gordon Deal, Nichole Murray, and Mike Gavin update you LIVE from the Dow Jones Studios in New Jersey. 

At 5am, Agriculture Today expands to Two Hours in the morning from 5 to 7am with not only the reporting of Tony St James from the All Ag News headquarters but the latest in western Ag News and Markets with Russell Nemetz and his crew from the Western Ag Network. You may remember our old friend Evan Slack who brought us farm news several years ago.  Well, when Evan passed, Russell picked up the mantel and has been keeping much of the West up to date on not only farm news and markets but also rodeo news!  While Mining and Tourism are important to our economy, it's Agriculture that keeps those engines running.  And we update you not only with Agriculture Today every morning, but with market and news updates at 9:30, 10:30, and 12:30.  Our commitment to the world of Agriculture and our economy. 

Combine this with our 7-9am information hours, and we maintain our commitment to putting the NEWS first in News-Talk Radio.  Because that's what we do, and have done since 2008.